Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Send me some prayers this week, that we can find those people that are prepared, the elect.


Well, its been a pretty slow week. After all of the baptisms this past month, we spent a good deal of time just trying to find people. We've been going through the area book a lot, looking up old investigators, and also trying to follow up on some referrals. But no real luck right now. We still have a couple of progressing investigators, that will hopefully be baptized in July, so thats good.

Last Monday we had a pretty good day, we got 4 new investigators and set 2 people on date for baptism, all after 6 pm on pday. :) 2 of those new investigators is the lady Hna Milliron talked to at the store her first day and her husband, Carla and Berto. Holy cow, are they interesting. Like I can't even explain them beyond saying that they are the definition of the term "Jesus Freaks." Very, very nice people. But are going to have a hard time accepting what we've got to tell them because the Bible doesn't specifically say, "And Jesus will go the America's and visit the people there, and their records will be known as the Book of Mormon, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the church you should join."  So. .  yeah. But they're nice. Want to hear about Jesus. But if we don't call him "Our Lord, Jesus Christ" They don't think we really have accepted him as our Savior. . .  They promised they'd read and pray though, with open hearts.

The other two investigators we picked up we found looking for a bogus referral. Esmerelda and her daughter, Perla. They don't seem to have much understanding of what we're saying, but accepted a baptismal invite. . . And then bailed on the next appointment. We'll see how they go.

BUT! I've been praying a lot that we could find those people that are prepared, the elect. So that we're not just finding all of these people, teaching one lesson, and then they disappear. And I got a call this morning from Liz Rios (got baptized like a month ago), and she told me she'd been talking to her sister in law a lot, and she wants to learn more. I really hope this is what I've been praying for, these kind of referrals are the ones that I've seen the most success with.

As for the weather here. . . oh man. INSANE. Thursday it hit 105 plus humidity, and then yesterday we had Illinois' version of a hurricane. We got out of church, and looked at the sky, and man did it look scary. BLACK. I got in the car, and the Elders loaded their bikes up onto the bike rack, so we could maybe beat the storm home. No such luck. It started downpouring like CRAZY while the elders were putting the bikes on. Like I have never seen rain like this before in my life. We tried to leave, and got a block from the church, and I couldn't see a thing because of the rain, and there were trees in the road, and it just wasn't safe. So we went back to the church to wait it out. We got SOAKED just running from the car to the church. and then the power went out. . . and finally it all calmed down. There are still trees in the road, and a lot of traffic lights are still out, but our power at home was only out for like a few minutes. and all is good.  I didn't get any pictures cos my camera was trapped in the trunk with the bikerack all loaded on it. But I'll try to get some from Hna Millie.

Well, send me some prayers this week, that we can find the elect. And keep up those prayers for Modesta and her family. They DEFINITELY need them.

Love you all, so much.

Les Quiero,



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