Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I read him part of Alma 6 where its talking about the Atonement. And after that Berto definitely calmed down. He told us that that was obviously of Christ and he consented to pray again about the Book of Mormon.


This week has definitely had its ups and downs! Luckily its starting to look like its going to go in an upward direction for the next little bit. Keep your fingers crossed.

So the majority of last week was pretty slow. We had a lot of appointments cancel, just like the week before. And let me tell you, it was pretty discouraging. Millie and I both were feeling kind of down.

On Monday we had Zone Meeting and I had my first interview with President Fenn.  It was okay. I hope that I am able to build up a good relationship with him before I leave, but the interview definitely wasn't what I was hoping for. But we'll see what happens.

Yesterday we had our up day! We have been helping an hermana in the ward's daughter, Jenny, redo the kitchen, so we went over there and did service for her in the morning. Painting, and sanding, and all sorts of dirty work. Lets just say I've seen more cucarachas in the last few days then you have ever seen in your life. :P As much as I'm not a fan of doing dirty, hot work, we had fun. Jenny is just a year older than I so it was fun to help her out. She's not a member, and definitely isn't going to be one anytime soon, but she's awesome.

Then after we left there, we went home and got cleaned up and went to the Salgado's house. Hermana Maria Salgado was baptized probably back in like January.  And she has a slew of grandkids (5) that we teach every Tuesday and Thursday after she feeds us. Three of the grandkids are over eight, but the mom of two of them won't give them permission to get baptized. But Leslie, just turned eight in like May, and she ended up asking her mom for permission to get baptized a couple of weeks ago. Her mom said, "well, do you want to get baptized?" and Leslie, being eight, said. . ." I don't know. . " haha so we talked to Leslie about it some more and found out she said she didn't know cos she's afraid of water. So we asked her to pray about it and ask Heavenly Father. The next time we came over we asked her how her prayer went, and what Heavenly Father said. She said, "I think he said yes! I want to be baptized!" So now we're helping Leslie get ready to be baptized on August 11! :) Oh also, witihin the last week and half since I wrote you we went over there and did sidewalk chalk with the kids, it was super fun, and I took lots of pictures. They drew lots of pictures of us, and wrote thinks like  "I Love Jesus" "I love the Sisters." They are so cute.

Then after we left the Salgado's, we had an appointment with our super Christian investigators, Carla y Berto.  They had cancelled the last couple of weeks, so it was good to get in with them. Last we talked to them they said they'd read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Well. .  they prayed about it first, and felt like they shouldn't read it. Ugh, this feels like exactly what happened with Maria y Luis one year ago. But, we had a great lesson. Berto talks a TON, but we were still able to have a good conversation, with minimal contention. He sometimes seems to want to Bible Bash, but we've been able to avoid it. They really do like us, and love talking about Jesus. I think sometimes they are just worried about our salvation. :) But anyway, I wanted to watch the restauracion movie with them, but yesterday morning there was a bad storm and their power was still out. So we taught them the restoration, with difficulty because Berto interjected so much. But we were still able to feel the spirit many times, and just testified over and over again. Finally Berto asked me to read him something from the Book of Mormon, after I testified that it talked of Christ, and that there was no way it could come from Man or the Devil. So I read him part of Alma 6 where its talking about the Atonement. And after that Berto definitely calmed down. He told us that that was obviously of Christ and he consented to pray again about the Book of Mormon. I asked him if he would pray with us right there, and he did. In a very. . . enthusiastic manner. They are the kind of people that mutter along when other people are praying and kind of sway back and forth. So while he was praying, I also prayed- so that he would feel that he should read the Book of Mormon, that he would be humble, and have an open heart. But because he was basically yelling I was having a hard time concentrating on my prayer. So I ended up mouthing the words, and they just thought I was doing what they do and muttering along with them! :) After the prayer, I asked how he felt, and he told me he would read the Book! so thats a start! :) Then, we stood up, and I asked them to watch the movie, and to pray about it, and as I handed it to them, their lights turned on! They totes took it as a sign from God, so thats pretty legit. But man, did I leave that appointment EXHAUSTED. We couldn't get out until two ours later and it was just spiritually draining. But good. Very good. Left on a sweet spiritual high.

This week should be good. If people don't cancel left and right. But so far we are pretty booked! :) And hopefully the weather chills out, so I can be comfortable again. :)

I love you all so much! You are the best!

les quiero,


the district

me and Cynthia next to a picture she drew of me :)

millie and i

Cynthia's picture of me :)


me and the salgado ninos

millie and i in chalk form :)

everytime we leave the salgado home the kids go out in the yard and find "gifts" for us.
usually its weeds and rocks. :)

Imelda, her grandkids, and us

 i may or may not have completely biffed it, and hurt my knee really good. so i iced it with frozen bread

Either the chair in our apartment was really old and beat up, or the tortilla's have really gotten to me. . .

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