Monday, July 9, 2012

Man. What a week. HOT HOT HOT.


Man. What a week. HOT HOT HOT. Super grateful to be in a car, and have a basement apartment with ac that works. I feel bad for the elders on bikes with crappy ac in their apartments. We've had temperatures of like 110 all week, with humidity. Yuck.

So this week has been alright. Pretty busy, but I can't for the life of me seem to remember any cool stories. Umm. . .

Well, the last couple of weeks an inactive hermana has come to church, and the first week I didn't know who she was, but I introduced myself. After church someone told me who she was, and I realized she was part of a family I've been looking for since I came to this area. We have 4 different addresses for them, and none of them are correct- or even exist. I've probably spent hours driving around Bensenville, IL looking for this family. So when she was at church the next week, I was all about talking to her. I saw her in Sacrament, and as soon as the closing prayer was said I basically hurdled over the pews to get to her. :P I FINALLY got an appointment with her and a current address and phone number. So we went by for our appointment, and man. I'm sure glad we were able to find them. They're an awesome family. Just have been away from the church for along time. They were sealed in the temple, but then according to them, just due to laziness stopped coming. And I'm pretty sure its been years since they've been to church. But their oldest daughter tried to commit suicide, and she is actually the one that asked her mom if they could go to church, so she and her mom were the ones there. And their youngest son (15) just got his girlfriend pregnant. When we were in that appointment Hna Milliron and I didn't really have to do anything to get all of this info out, we just sat down and BAM. Information overload. Long story short- they were saying how they know they need the gospel, they need to come back and how much it will help their family. So. Hopefully we can help them come back. I'm really glad she came to church and I was able to finally get her address. I'm serious- that one's going in the miracle list.

Haven't been able to meet with Carla and Berto, they cancelled- but want to reschedule. . . which is a good sign. A ver que pasa.

The referral from Liz. AWESOME. Its her husband Marco's brother, Cesar, and his wife, Yenis. Cesar is a member, inactive, just like Marco was. Basically moved here from Peru and lost contact with the church. Yenis is super super Catholic. But told us she can feel like something is missing, and they want to increase their faith in Christ, etc. She rejected a baptism invite, saying she wants to die Catholic. . but then kind of went on to say that she wants to be part of our church. .  she just needs God to open the way. Well. Pretty sure that can happen, so no worries there. :)

Millie (hna Milliron) and I had an exciting middle of the night adventure this week! at like 3:45 am i woke up to the fire alarm beeping. Just because it needed new batteries. But its in our room, and I COULD not sleep. Well. Before we figure out it was the actual fire alarm, I checked the co detector too, because its closer to my bed, and I didn't wanna get out if I didn't have to. Well, I guess taking the batteries out and putting them back in, made the co detector realize its batteries were low too. So at 4 am we had two alarms going off. Very loudly. So what did Millie and I do? We went to the gas station. At 4 am. And the Indian attendant didn't know what batteries were in English, and I was tired. and it was like 90 degrees outside. And we finally got back to bed at 5 am. Just to wake up in an hour and a half. BOOOO.

Yesterday was Millie's, and we had a good day. I set up a surprise party for her with Modesta and her family. Millie thought we were going to someone else's house for our dinner apointment, and I told her we just needed to stop by Modesta's really quick to pick something up, and then they had cake for her, and roses, and a super nice dinner. So it was fun.

Yesterday we also went over the the Chicago 2 Spanish ward to help with a fireside about missionary work. They apparently have some young women in the ward thinking about going on missions, so we shared some experiences and bore our testimonies. It was the first time I've ever given anythin even resembling a talk without preparing anything. And it was in Spanish. But it was cool. I had a good time, and loved meeting some of the members of that ward.

We also met President Fenn this week. He seems . . intense. Other than that. . I dunno. I'm pretty nervous for changes that I know are going to happen here.

I think thats all I got for you this week. Love you all!

les quiero,

edit: yesterday was Millie's BIRTHDAY. forgot to write in that in the story


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