Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Church Wide Day of Service



Its been a pretty uneventful week here. It was a busy week for our investigators, which means we were not able to meet with a lot of them.

This past Saturday we did do something pretty cool for the churchwide service day. Our stake did a emergency preparedness expo, with the Salvation Army, the police, the firefighters, and the mayor there. There was booths for how to make 72 hour kits, and a jaws of life and k9 demonstration. There was also a blood bank there taking donations. Hermana Summers and I donated, and I was pretty excited because it was her first time donating and she's really scared of needles. So I was ready with my camera for when she got sick. Unfortunately, she was fine. I'm the one that passed out. Yep, I have donated blood multiple times, and I passed out. It was after I had finished and I watched as they took the needle out. And then I woke up after they had layed my chair down and put a bunch of ice all over my body. It was super bizarre. It was definitely a "black out", my vision got spotty, and then it was like tunnel vision that just got smaller until I was out. Hermana Summers said my eyes were open and everything, I just wasn't conscious. She was pretty freaked out. But I'm fine. It was more embarrassing and comical than anything.

How are things with Sergio? same old same old. Wants to get baptized, but just isn't putting in the necessary effort. Isabel? Haven't seen her since I told you about her. We don't have enough time to work in Beloit as much as we need to. Hopefully we'll see her next week. Rocio? Rocio had a catholic baptism she had to go to the one day we were in Beloit last week. But we have another appointment set up with her for the week. The Branch? Okay, I think. We just recently completely separated from the English ward. Before the YM/YW was still combined. We also had branch council last week and it went well. I have to play the piano in Sacrament meeting this week, because the regular woman who plays is actually in the English ward and has a responsibility there. No one else can play. and when the hermanas heard I could play, I started getting all sorts of questions about piano lessons. Any word from Maria and Luis? Nope. We have a branch activity this Saturday, that we talked about inviting them to. We'll see. Any new investigators to tell us about? We did get a new investigator last week, her name is Maria Reina. We found her knocking, and it turns out that she is actually friends with one of the hermanas in the branch, which is awesome. She says she knows that there are a lot of problems in the Catholic church, and she wants to learn the truth. Whats really cool, is that this week Hermana Summers and I have been praying that we'll be able to teach more families, especially that we'd be able to teach the families of our investigators. And we went in to the last lesson with her with the objective of asking if her her family would be interested, and without us even asking she said she knew that her kids needed to learn what we were teaching her. It was so awesome. She seems to be progressing pretty well, she likes what we have taught her, but she hasn't prayed about it specifically to know if its true. We're hoping she'll be in church on Sunday. How is the weather there? Pretty nice. It had cooled off a little, and today its supposed to be in the sixties or something. How are things with you and Hermana Summers? Super well! I'll be sad when one of us leaves!!

Well, I hope everything is going well for you all this week. I hope the weather stays nice for a while!! Is everyone okay in Pennsylvania with the flooding?

I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week!

Les Quiero,


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