Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"We were able to share some really simple truths"



Another pretty normal week. Except that the mailbox has been painfully empty. Hopefully that will change soon.
Only a couple of exciting things happened this week. One of which included a surprise lesson with a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses. A couple of weeks ago we contacted a woman who told us we could come back at a specific time and day. So we came back, and she said she was sorry, she'd forgotten and was busy, but could we please come back in 20 minutes. So we came back, and sat down and started the basic getting to know her, her name is Isabel and she's of course Catholic. Within a couple of minutes there was a knock on the door. Isabel told us, "Oh, its a lady who comes and gives me classes about the Bible! She's a Jehovah's Witness!" Hermana Summers and I gave each other the look like, "oh great. . . " But, I wasn't too worried, we'd be fine. So this woman comes in and introduces her self and sits down, she seems nice, not to confrontational which is good. THEN there's a second knock on the door. And a older gentleman comes in, also a Jehovah's Witness. He was quite forceful. Sat down by me and said, "What do you use to teach?" Of course he knew exactly who we were, so we responded by telling him we teach out of the Bible, and another book, The Book of Mormon. He asked, "Where does this book come from?" I told him what it was and that it is the writings of ancient prophets. He says, "Well, the Bible comes directly from God." At this point I was a little frustrated because I knew he just wanted to argue. I responded rather bluntly, "Yes. THROUGH PROPHETS." He kind of muttered in agreement and then turned on Isabel. "Isabel, what is the purpose of having these people here?" Isabel has only known us for like 5 minutes, we haven't even gotten into anything religious yet, but luckily she is able to answer that she wants to learn about other religions and that we are all there to talk about God. This man then launches into the most forceful lesson I have ever seen. He was talking to Isabel like she was an idiot and ultimately I felt pretty uncomfortable. Its not that he was saying anything incorrect, only that he was saying it in a manner that was not conducive to the spirit at all. He was also going a mile a minute so as not to allow us the opportunity to say anything. But, we stuck it out until they had to go, and were able to give Isabel a nice lesson, and tell her that she doesn't have to what any of us has to say as truth, without asking God what the truth is. It was an interesting interesting experience, to say the least.

This same day, we decided to stop by a woman, Rocio, who we had found my first week here, who we taught one lesson and told us to come back, but everytime we came back she told us she was busy and to try again later. We had kind of given up for a little while, but decided to stop by her again. She let us in, and when we asked her how she'd been, she told us, "Bad. My brother just died." Her 24 year old brother died suddenly in his sleep from sleep apnea apparently about a month ago, right around the time we were trying to find her. She really just wanted to talk about it, and it was good. We were able to share some really simple truths about what we know about the eternal nature of the family. But what really seemed to hit her, was that Heavenly Father and Christ know what she's going through and can help and comfort her, if she asks in prayer. She seemed to really like the idea that she can pray, talk, directly to God, and that she didn't need to pray to a saint. We taught her how to pray, and she really made sure she knew the steps. It was an awesome awesome lesson. She thanked us for listening to her, and set an appointment for us to come back. I hope everything works out for her.

Well, I think thats all I've got for you this week. I love hearing from you, thanks for the emails. And thanks, Mom, for sharing your experience with me about your friend from the accounting office.


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