Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Made it through transfers still in Rockford



Well. Made it through transfers still in Rockford. Hermana Summers and I are the only companionship in our district that didn't get changed, so it will be interesting to see how things go.
Well, bad news for those of you that have been following the Maria y Luis saga. Last night they dropped us hardcore. Last Thursday we had a difficult lesson with them, Luis basically just said he didn't believe that the Book of Mormon could be true. We had a couple of members with us and they were a really big help. I think they really got through to Maria, and she agreed to read, which she had been refusing to do before because she was scared. Well, she read. And she prayed. and didn't receive an answer. She said she doesn't like our book. But then went on to say that it says a lot of the same things as the Bible, its just easier to understand, and it could be true, she just already has the Bible and doesn't need anything else. I was pretty sad, because I really do love them. Apparently I just looked super mad though, because Maria told me to stop giving her dirty looks. When I explained I was just sad, and why, she seemed to feel really bad. But its true. I was heartbroken. Sister Summers told me afterward that she has only felt that bad after being dropped once. She said it feels like being dumped. She was trying to figure out what she had done wrong, but I know that we did everything we could for them and we did it in the right way. I don't know why they didn't get an answer. And its really frustrating. But hopefully we planted a seed, that someday someone else will be able to come along and harvest. They did ask if they could keep the Book of Mormon in case something in the Bible was confusing, so they could see if they Book of Mormon could explain it better. Geez.
We have an appointment with Sergio this week. So hopefully he doesn't flake on us again, and we can actually get his baptism underway.
I hope everything is going well there. Sounds like school is well underway.
I really enjoyed the letter I got from you this last week, Mom. I highlighted all my favorite parts.
As for how long they'll keep me here in Rockford. I have nooo idea. I could either be moved out next transfer so that someone with more experience will be here when Hermana Summers goes home, to take over. Or I could stay here until after she goes home in November. I think its more likely that they'll move me out, so that I'm not the senior companion that fast. I also here they don't generally keep missionaries in their first area for that long. But who knows.

About the little girl wearing my name tag in my pictures. Yep, that little girl is in the branch. Her name is Michelle and she is 7, and super adorable. She is also really smart, speaks really good Spanish and English. The other day we went over to their house to help with Family Home Evening. She told me if I had any questions about how to say something in Spanish she would help. So, every time I tried to say ANYTHING, before I could even get two words out, Michelle would start in, "Hermana Brown! What are you trying to say!? Just tell me what you're trying to say and I'll help you!!" It was funny, and also stressful. Her mom yelled at her to let me even get a sentence out, and then maybe they would know what I was trying to say! But this family is great. Michelle has an older brother, Bryan, who one time when we went over was reading the medical book that has everything in it. I don't remember what its called, but I know Dad has a ton of them. Bryan is 13. and reading medical books.

I love you all. Its always so good to hear from everyone!

Les Quiero,
Hermana Brown

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