Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm excited for General Conference this weekend



Hey all. I hope you're having a good week. Things are pretty good here. I'm sorry to say nothing to exciting has happened. We almost had an appointment with Elder Oaks daughter, who lives in our area, but then the person who we set the appointment with had to cancel. I also had a really weird allergic reaction and half of my face swelled up. It was pretty cool.

It sounds like life is busy as always there. I hope that everything is going well, and that its not too hectic. Thats cool that Eliza is doing powder puff. I never did any of that stuff, and I kind of regret it now.

We did get to watch the General Relief Society broadcast Saturday. We had a less active member there, so we went in with her to where it was being broadcast in Spanish. It was really good though. Sister Allred (I think thats her name) translated her own talk, which was awesome. I'm excited for General Conference this weekend, but its weird that this is the first time ever I won't be watching it in my pajamas on the couch. We will watch it in English unless we have any investigators or less active members there that we need to be with.

Aldo is doing well. He drinks a huge thing of coffee every morning, because he works like 20 hours a day, so I was a little nervous about teaching him the Word of Wisdom, but he accepted it pretty good. He asked us why we don't drink coffee, like he understands why no alcohol and tobacco and drugs, but not coffee. It was good for me to be able to explain to him that I had that exact same question, and I still don't understand completely, but that because I know that we have a living prophet who receives revelation directly from God, I know that it is a commandment that we need to keep.  He promised us that the next morning he would get a Mountain Dew instead. We haven't talked to him for a couple days, so I don't know how its going, but he is definitely a cold turkey kind of a guy. He told us he quit smoking by just waking up one morning and deciding he didn't want to do it anymore. The only thing that will keep him from getting baptized on the 8th is if we aren't able to finish teaching him everything on time. He is hard to make appointments with because he is so busy, and we have to have an hermana with us because he is a single man, so its always hard to find a woman in the branch that can help us.

I thought I'd add some pictures this week!

in order of how they are attached:

1. For Hermana Summers birthday we went over to a member's house to eat the couch cake, and give her a poster we all signed. Next to Hermana Summers is Elder McKamey and next to me is Elder John, they are the other Spanish missionaries in our area.

2. It started to sprinkle, but we decided to keep walking without our umbrella, because we didn't think it was going to get that bad. We got a block from the car and it started to downpour. It was ridiculous. This is us sopping wet.

3. Hermana Summers and I at the emergency preparedness expo the stake did. Its right after I passed out.

4. Our favorite investigators, Rosario y Agustin made Hermana Summers her favorite food for her birthday, and got her a cake and flowers. Its a super awkward side picture, and I pretty much hate it, but it had to go on here because that was an awesome day.

5. Rosario y Agustin, mis abuelitos mexicanos.

6. The Couch Cake Elders McKamey and John made us!

7. Hermana Summers, our friend Miel, and I cutting the couch cake!

I think thats all I got for you this week. Tomorrow we are doing exchanges. Hermana Summers is going to Woodstock, and I am staying here and being in charge of the area for 24 hours. I'm basically terrified. We'll see how it goes.

I love you all! I hope everything is going well! Give my love to the Browns when you see them on Friday.

Love love love,


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