Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mission miracle! I didn't get transferred!


Mission miracle! I didn't get transferred! I am still here in good ol' Melrose Park, Westchester 2nd Spanish ward! I am so stoked. I love this ward a freaking ton, and never want to leave. If I finish my mission here, which is entirely possible, I will have been in the ward for a total of 10 months. :)

This week has been pretty crazy. With anticipating transfers its been really stressful, and then on top of that Millie and I both got sick. On Wednesday we had three eating appointments and I came home and just puked up everything. and after that it took me three days to be able to eat anything. And then just as I was getting better Millie got the same stomach bug, so things have been a little rough. We tried to work the best we could, but people kept cancelling on us too.

The most eventful parts of the week involved saying goodbye to missionaries that are leaving this week, as well as visiting as many members as i could in case i was leaving. So I've got a lot of good pictures, but not too many good stories.

Yesterday was super awesome though. We went to the ward labor day picnic, and it was a blast. So fun to just sit with the hermanas in the ward and eat and talk and laugh, and watch the hermanos and the elders make themselves sick playing sports in the oppressive humidity.  After the picnic we went to a goodbye party for Elder Anderson that was thrown by some of his recent converts and a ton of missionaries were there. So it was just a very fun day.

This week brings lots of finding still. Pray for us that we can find some families!

I hope everything is well for you, and that everyone is adjusting to school.

Les quiero mucho,


pday last week. united center and navy pier

Elder Anderson's funeral
what happens when i don't feel good at appointments
bye Elder Anderson!
Giordano's maybe goodbye party for me. with Steph and Patty
Me, Hermana Rosales, Hermana Armenta
me and Patty
goodbye Elder Mortenson!
love Stephanie to death
with Elder Derby and Melenciano
Elder Hansen
What we do before transfers. We try to predict where every hermana is going to be.
derby, millie, steph, me, melenciano
pozole dinner :)

goodbye sister raymond! they're sending her up to Rockford

Elder Anderson's goodbye party

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