Thursday, August 30, 2012

I KNOW that there are people that ARE ready to be baptized, that are prepared and waiting, and that I need to find them.


Well. Its been another week. Don't know what to tell ya.

Tuesday we went to a training meeting that was insanely insanely long. We were at the Naperville stake center from about 9:30 am to 4 pm. It was cool, got to learn a lot of good stuff. and see some friends. But it was also weird because of all of the people I didn't know. I guess I'm to the point that I'm so old in the mission and been in the same spot for so long that I don't know anyone. Nearly all of my friends have died, or are dying within the next few transfers. Its pretty depressing.

Thursday we went on exchanges. Millie went to the loop, and I got Hermana de Leon for the day. It was pretty cool. Hermana de Leon is from Guatemala and we spoke nearly only Spanish, which was sweet. We also were able to find some people I've been looking for for a while with no success. Two part member less active families, and thus picked up some new investigators. Hopefully the return appointments we made with them for this week will all go through! We're really struggling with finding new people to teach. But, we still are not lacking in appointments. The only thing is that we are kind of just teaching a bunch of people who are progressing slowly. Still progressing, but not quite ready for baptism. And I KNOW that there are people that ARE ready to be baptized, that are prepared and waiting, and that I need to find them. Unfortunately I just haven't been told how to find them yet. Still working on that. 

This weekend there was a cool azteca festival in Maywood, which is in our area. We went there to try to make some contacts, and ate some delicious food and saw some sweet dancing in the process. And then afterward we went to a birthday party for Cynthia and Alex- some of the Salgado grandkids. It was a fun night. Lots of food. Jumping in a bounce house. Pinatas. Lots of crying and hurt kids from too much birthday, getting crushed in the bounce house, and getting whacked with the bat from the pinata.  And we still managed to have some good gospel conversations. :) Hermana Salgado's sister in law says she wants to come to the lessons. :)

Thats so crazy that Madi is home. I can't believe it. Also it freaks me out cos that means I go home soon. But not that soon. Really far away still actually. Like so far away we really shouldn't even be thinking about it. Basically its almost like I'm never coming home.

Well. . .  I have nothing else to say. So I guess I'll send you some more pictures!

Les Quiero,

mas fotos

bowling. in pros. Ridiculous


azteca festival.

la virgen is always watching. . .
a festival pina colada!
bounce house fun

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