Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well turns out their friends were actually a pastor and a self proclaimed prophetess. So. . . yeah. Interesting is an understatement.


Another week here in the good ol' Illinois Chicago Mission. . .  and I still feel like I have nothing new or exciting to tell you. . .

Well. We are planning a baptism for this coming Saturday. Leslie passed her baptism interview yesterday and is super excited to get baptized! Her mom even bought her a new dress for the baptism, which is a good sign, because so far she hasn't seemed interested in it at all. She also miraculously has this whole next week off, so we will actually be able to talk to her and get the necessary information for the paperwork.

We had an interesting appointment with Carla and Berto on Wednesday. . . We called to confirm the appointment and they gave us a different address to go to, and that they wanted us to meet some of their friends.  Well turns out their friends were actually a pastor and a self proclaimed prophetess.  So. . . yeah. Interesting is an understatement. It was Millie's first experience with a pastor in an appointment, and it actually went surprisingly well. I refuse to Bible Bash. So we just shared what we had, testified, listened to their stuff, and left.  But, I think we probably won't be seing Carla and Berto so much anymore. . .

This last week I also decided it was probably time to teach Millie how to tract. I know that most people when they think about missionary work think about tracting. .  but that is definitely not how I do it. I mean its not bad, but there are just so many more effective ways to find people. But we ended up having an hour that would be good to do it, and I needed to teach Millie how- so we prayed about where to go, and then spent an hour knocking doors! Nothing super exciting happened. Its just noteworthy cos I haven't actually set aside a time for knocking doors since Rockford.

So I know that most people think of tracting when they think of missions. But how many of you think of going to funerals? Because Millie and I are now professional funeral goers. Apparently people in Westchester die a lot. And I'm the only one anyone can think of that can play the piano for miles around apparently. So I'm now a professional funeral piano player.

Okay, really we've only been to two lately- both members from the ward. But still. More than I've been to my whole mission. More than Millie's been to her whole life!

So yeah. thats about it this week. Hope you are all having a blast camping! Send me some fun pictures!

Love you all!

Les Quiero,


relaxing after a hard day of missionary work

china town!

family photo!

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