Monday, August 13, 2012

This week has been good! Leslie got baptized! And it may have very well been the best day of my mission to date.


This week has been good! Leslie got baptized! And it may have very well been the best day of my mission to date. It was of course super stressful getting ready for it, because i just freak out before baptisms. But all turned out well.  First to tell you about the stressful parts:  nothing out of the ordinary luckily, just the regular trying to figure out who the heck is going to talk at this baptism, and how am I going to make this program. Luckily I got people to help me out with the talks, and then the Elders went over to a members house on Tuesday to make the program. Only problem? The member didn't believe me with how the kids names are spelled for our special musical number and she changed the spelling. . . So Saturday morning we got to remake the program. And then I had to figure out how the Elders on bikes from Chicago that got permission to attend were going to get there. . . So I had to run all over freaking Illinois on Saturday- and somehow attend a birthday party, and get the font running, and make a fruit salad. Buttttt luckily, everything was taken care of, everyone showed up on time, and it was an awesome baptism. I easily felt the spirit more in this baptism than any other. Leslie was soooo excited, and looked so pretty in her new dress her mom bought her. I stood back in the bathroom and watched from the steps with her mom when she got baptized, and she was just sooo happy. I asked Benita, the mom, how she felt and she said something incredible. Benita has never been interested in learning about the church, nor does she show more interest now- but when I asked how she felt she said, "emocionante. Por un momentito querria que seria yo."  or- "emotional. For a moment, i wanted that it could be me."  WHAT!? Spirit punch to the heart. danggg.  and then after Leslie was done changing, she and her cousins and her sister sang I am like a star shining brightly and I am a child of God. And it was AWESOME.

Afterwards we all went to their house and ate a ton of food and had a pinata and it was the best.night.ever.

The rest of the week was also good. I mean, mostly we were busy prepping for the baptism. But, we also got to visit a less active member, who's son just died and got to listen to her tell us how sad she is and try my best to help comfort her when i really had no idea what to say. And we also got miraculously let into an apartment that you need to be buzzed into- but none of the buzzers work, and find another less active member and talk to her.

Sad news. Imelda, who got baptized in June hasn't been able to come to church the last two weeks because her knees are hurting her so badly. She hasn't missed a day since I first knocked on her door until now. And when we visited her we could really see how much pain she was in. Its so sad. But we got her a blessing yesterday, and she's going to the doctor this week. SO hopefully all will turn out well.

This week coming up has a lot of finding planned! Pray for us that we see some miracles!

I'm glad you had a blast camping! I'm only a little jealous though. :)

Les Quiero Muchisimo,


Leslie's Baptism!

the bean

so much food all the time

china town

but wait! there's more!


Leslie's super tacky/awesome cake

bounce house! its a must at a mexican party

me and karla

pinata fun

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