Monday, September 24, 2012

Elder Aidukaitis talked a lot about how there are people here in the Chicago area that are prepared and waiting, and we need to find them.


Well, this week has been interesting. Last Monday we went to Cheesecake Factory during pday and Millie got SUPER sick on the way home. We think she got food poisoning or something. But either way, she was out of commission until about mid wednesday. It was almost some weird blessing that I also still have bronchitis, so while she was puking her guts out I was just knocked out due to cough medicine all day. Luckily she is now feeling better, and I'm slowly starting to be able to breathe.

Unfortunately, due to both of us being sick, I really can't think of anything exciting I have to tell you. For the rest of the week we had our regular appointments, but not much time for anything else.

Saturday was pretty awesome. We had a zone conference with a visiting authority.
Elder Aidukaitis of the seventy was there, so it was a huge conference. Two zones met in the morning, and then three zones, including my zone, met in the afternoon and we all ate lunch together in between. So we got to see a ton of missionaries and then get some awesome spiritual guidance. The conference was ballin, and I loved it. Elder Aidukaitis talked a lot about how there are people here in the Chicago area that are prepared and waiting, and we need to find them. I have been thinking about that a lot these last couple of months. He didn't really give me more advice than what I already know on how to find them, but at least he reassured me that I'm on the right track.

Yesterday was a good day. At church a lot of people we weren't expecting to come, showed up. And even one of my former investigators from when I was in Cicero! Lupe Torres, who I was teaching a lot when I first got here, but that disappeared and the elders haven't been able to find her, just randomly showed up to church. and it was AWESOME. After church I took some new cough medicine that completely knocked me out. It was bad, but after I recovered from that we convinced one of the Armenta girls, Alejandra, to go the the young single adults family home evening, and it was AWESOME. I mean the family home evening was kind of weird because the lesson ended up being some weird deep doctrine about cain and bigfoot and nonsense. But at least she made some friends, and we were able to have a really good talk with just her about baptism, and what she was feeling. Why she isn't ready, what she needs to feel ready, etc. It was really good. She still does want to get baptized- but she wants to be really sure about it when she does. We said thats fine, and that yes- we do want her to be baptized TOMORROW, but we don't want to rush her either. She is aware of what she needs to do to be sure, and she is willing to do her part. So yesterday was pretty awesome with that.

This week we are gonna freaking find some people to baptize. Thats the plan, and thats whats going to happen.

Weather here is okay. Definitely all of a sudden its fall. Millie is freezing to death, but I'm surviving. Luckily someone super smart sent me a million scarves last year. :)

Well, I hope everything is going well for you. I love you a ton.

Les quiero,

sorry i haven't taken any pictures lately.
a few weeks ago the bank built a fence around our parking lot cos they were mad at the landlord for not paying. or something like that. so thats the only thing i got.
love you!

pictures from millie's camera.

with the arreguin fam after hna passed her citizenship text.
when millie got food poisoning

and us in hats.

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