Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Miracle


Well, hey there. I'm glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. I haven't gotten any of those letters you said you sent telling me about it, but I'm excited to read them and hear a little bit more about how it went. El dia de accion de gracias was was good here, we went over to the de la Pena's house in the morning and helped them make tamales, and then went down to the stake center to play sports with some other missionaries. Later we went back to the de la Pena's for dinner, but first they wanted to have a family home evening, and then play a bunch of games. Which was all really nice, but long story short Hna Maughan and I didn't eat anything on Thanksgiving until 8:45 at night. But it was a really good day, and I really enjoyed myself.

Friday the ward had a big Thanksgiving party that we went to, and there we were able to have some good old turkey and potatoes. It was a fun party, but the best part was that while we were there a guy came up to us who we thought was already a member because he has been going to church and everything and he asked us what he needs to do to be baptized. Apparently he is the cousin of a family in our ward (we thought he was their brother) and met with the missionaries before, but never had support from his mom, so he just has been coming to church and stuff, and now that he is 18 he wants to be baptized. So, yeah- that was a pretty cool Thanksgiving miracle.

Sotero finally is back on date to be baptized. He was embarrassed about not going to church that one week, so it was hard to get him to talk to us for a week. But now its all good, and he is super stoked to be baptized on the 9th of December. He passed his interview last night, and we called him to congratulate him and he was just so ecstatic. He is really the most awesome guy ever. And his wife is listening to the missionaries down in Mexico, and he is already talking about how they can someday all be sealed together in the temple as an eternal family.

Yesterday we had an AWESOME day. We taught 8 lessons, found 3 new investigators, set someone on date to be baptized, and Sotero passed his interview. It was just one of those days that makes all of the other hard stuff totally worth it.

Only other news here is that I have bronchitis, and I can sure tell you it is interesting being sick as a missionary. I never thought I'd feel so guilty for being sick. But I'm doing okay, not too worry. Sis Doll sent me to the doctor last week and they got me on an inhaler, and I have gone through 2 bottles of nyquil in order to not keep Hna Maughan up at night with my coughing. :) Also- I had another exploding vein! In my hand!! Whats happening to me?!

Well. . . I don't really know what else to tell you all. So I guess I'll just leave at this. I hope everything is going well. Glad to here you had a great time in Chico. Hope to get some more mail soon. (Like seriously, everybody, my mailbox is so sad and lonely.)

Les quiero,

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