Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgivng tomorrow!!! :)



Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! :) I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday, and made it safely to California. Good news, we got a last minute eating appointment tomorrow, so we won't be going hungry on Thanksgiving afterall. We'll be getting tamales!

Well, I'm a little bit sick right now, so I took some cough syrup this morning. And por eso, I am feeling kind of foggy ahorita, so my apologies if my letter isn't as long or as coherent as usual.

It sounds like you all had a good week! I'm glad Morgan's musical went well, and that Mitch and Amanda were able to see it and you got to spend some time with them. Thanks for the pictures, Morgan looks adorable and so does Mitch and Amanda's cute little family, of course.

And the pictures of Eliza and her haircut!!! Oh my goodness, how has she grown up so fast in 6 months? STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Not allowed, its not even funny Lulu, you need to cut it out.

It is also super exciting that Ada and Luis are moving to Utah!! I look forward to being able to see them more often now that they are closer!

This week has been pretty good for me, nothing too out of the ordinary. I survived transfers unscathed, still in Aurora, still with Hermana Maughan. But we are the only companionship in our district that remained the same.

The one thing that did kind of suck this week was that we had 16 investigator appointments cancel on us. Like it was ridiculous. For one we were super pumped that we had so many citas set up with investigators and possible new investigators, and then nearly all of them bailed. We somehow still managed to teach 22 lessons though, which was good.

Cool stuff that happened this week:

We sort of learned how to make conchas, which is a Mexican sweet bread kind of thing. We had to leave half way through unfortunately, so when I get home I'll be able to make you part of a concha. :P 

We helped paint our recent convert's house.

We went to lunch with a recent convert and a member and they are magic and talked to all sorts of people at subway about the gospel and were handing out pass along cards, and then the recent convert (who is super old) got put in the hospital and we were able to bring the zone leaders to his hospital room to give him a blessing, and it was really really nice. Like just super peaceful. And now he is out of the hospital!

We brought another pair of Elders with us to give one of our investigators a blessing who tore some ligaments in her foot, and just has a bunch of other health problems and she proceeded to tell them all sorts of crazy stories about how people are following her and taking pictures of her from the other building and that the doctors are out to get her and the cops are corrupted and wouldn't investigate the drug dealers living above her, and much much more- basically it boils down to that I am pretty sure we are teaching a paranoid schizophrenic. So that should be interesting.

I had an aneurysm. In my finger. I was driving, and Hermana Maughan was telling me about some cool stuff she read in the Doctrine and Covenants when all of a sudden my pointer finger started hurting REALLY BAD. Shooting pains between two of the joints. And I started freaking out, and shaking my hand (all while driving) and Hermana Maughan got really nervous cause she had no idea what to do, or what was going on. And then she yelled at me, "Look at your vein!" And because I was driving I couldn't exactly turn my finger in a position to be able to see where my vein was, but apparently Hermana Maughan watched a vein in my finger bulge, and get bigger and bigger and greener and greener and then explode.  So now I have a huge gross bruise on my finger, from a spontaneous finger aneurysm. You know it hasn't been that exciting of a week, when that is what Hermana Maughan and I have been telling people about the most.

So yep. Thats about it.


1.       Carlos teaching us how to make conchas

2.       We had a pretty crazy district these past 6 weeks


3.  Look what I found in the parking lot of one of our investigator's!!!

So that about covers it, it was good to hear about whats going on! Have an awesome awesome time in California, and give all of the California Browns a big hug for me!

Well, all, espero que sepan que les quiero. que tengan buen dia de accion de gracias!!


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