Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"could you please come in, when can you come over again?"


So I really don't know what to write this week. Its been pretty normal, no super crazy anything going on. This week has been pretty average. We were supposed to have a baptism this Friday, but its been postponed, and its really kind of a funny story of why.  We are teaching this man named Sotero. He is the father of two recent converts, Silvia y Nolberto. And he is totally ready to be baptized, like the first time Hermana Maughan met him, they were there visiting with Silvia y Nolberto doing the recent convert lessons, and what they do is have the recent converts teach them the lessons. So Silvia y Nolberto were trying to teach the Plan of Salvation to the missionaries, but they kept messing up, and leaving holes. And this older guy with very little teeth was there (Sotero) and he kept correcting them, and answering the questions, and Hermana Maughan didn't even know who he was! He had only been taught the first lesson about the restoration by the missionaries that were here before Hermana Maughan. But he knew the whole Plan of Salvation! Turns out he has read the whole Gospel Principles book and everything, and knows everything. So he was supposed to be baptized this Friday. And last Friday we went over to their house and were setting up the program and everything, and he wants Nolberto to baptize him. Saturday night, Nolberto found out he has to work on Friday, so if he is going to be there and baptize Sotero, the baptism would have to be moved. Well, Sotero got SOOOO mad that he couldn't be baptized on THIS Friday, he didn't even come to church, and won't talk to Silvia y Nolberto. Because he is mad he can't get baptized this Friday. Friday's are USUALLY the days that everyone in their family has off work, so we were hoping to just do it next week, but we just found out there is the ward Thanksgiving party next Friday, so we don't know whats going to happen. And because Sotero is pouting, we haven't been able to talk to him to see if he can get work off for next Saturday. So thats the drama thats going on right now, its pretty ridiculous and actually a little bit comical.

The only other pretty cool thing that happened this week, was Saturday night we had a pretty free day, so we decided to stop by antiguos (former investigators) and see if we could start teaching any of them again. Now usually, the reason they are antiguos is pretty legitimate and they really don't have interest anymore. But here, it looks like the other Hermanas would just get bored with an investigator if they weren't learning fast enough and just stop coming by. Every single person we talked to on Saturday told us they didn't know why the Hermanas stopped coming by and "could you please come in, when can you come over again?" So we have like 12 lessons set up for this week with people we have never taught before. Its pretty legit.

Last week in the city was way fun. We went shopping and out to lunch, and then to a Mexican art museum. It was really cool. I'll have to send some pictures. It was a really fun trip, it was fun to just hang out with Cruz and her boyfriend, Mario to just kind of chill. 

I hope you all have fun in California! You'll have to give everybody a big hug from me! I hope you travel safely! I don't know what we're going to do for Thanksgiving, no one has invited us to eat with them, but Wednesday we have a half p-day to do shopping and emails and stuff and then Thursday we have another 1/2 p-day to play sports with the other missionaries. Which would be super awesome if my dumb ankle and knees would let me play sports. For morning exercise we've been going to the church and I've been kicking a soccer ball around, and even that kills my ankle. Ugh its so frustrating.

Is Morgan's musical this week? Break a leg! You'll do awesome!

Have a good week everyone! I LOVE YOU!

Les Quiero,


1.       a random fence in an alley of downtown geneve

2.       Karla y Carlos, baptized November 5, 2011 

3.       The Gomez Family- typical Mexican picture

4.       The Gomez Family how they usually are

5.       Ashley y yo

6. Ashley is going to be a hair stylist someday. Maybe. . .

 7.       a giant shrine, with la virgen maria the center of it all
8.       The Mexican experience in the US

9-11. La Virgen de Guadalupe

12. mesoamerica reaches Chicago


  1. When did she cut off all of her hair? It looks great! :)

  2. Last week's post has the before & after pictures. That's how she told us. We were all surprised! But we love it!