Friday, December 9, 2011

I sure hope to get some mail for my birthday. . . especially from some of my friends who I haven't heard from in a while (or at all. . . .) BIG HINT, GUYS, I mean really.


Buenas tardes! I'm emailing a little bit later today because we finally got to go to the temple! Bishop's wife took us at 9 this morning. It was awesome. A lot smaller than the Utah temples I'm used to, but very beautiful.

Its been a pretty good week here. We too are getting ready for Christmas, and are planning on a white one! We have a baptism planned for the 24th. :)  Last week was pretty sweet as far as it goes for missionary work. The whole week we had 7 new investigators, and 4 of those were just on Saturday morning before 12:30. We also one of those investigators on date for Christmas Eve, and he is so so so excited. His name is Luis, and he is the 19 year old son of a less active. He has been coming to church for a while, so we thought he was already a member, but nope he's not. He's the one that came up to us on Thanksgiving and asked us what he needs to do to be baptized. And our baptism that we have scheduled for this Friday still seems to be on track. Its been a stressful one because Sotero is so ridiculous, and wants everything perfect. But he wants to be baptized, so right now our only worry is that the building is being used because the Bishop forgot to check. And if it is. . . too bad, we're having a baptism.

The whole month of November was awesome for us. We were going through our numbers this past week, to see how we did on our goals, and we taught 114 lessons. So we've been working hard. And I love it. Even with me being sick last week, we got a lot of good work done.

As for this week, we have zone conference coming up tomorrow. So I had to write a talk for that, just in case I get surprise called on, and then the Bishop on Monday asked us if we could talk on Sunday, so I stressed out pretty hardcore about that one, but then he told us yesterday we don't have to do it afterall. This is the second time Obispo has asked us to do an assignment that we didn't really want to do and then recalled it. I think he just likes to see if we'll say yes. The first time he asked ME, just me, not Hna Maughan, if I would talk to an hermana in the ward and tell her that her gossiping and comments she makes to people are offensive and that she needs to stop because people are going inactive because of her. OH MY. I did NOT want to do that. But I said I would. And he called a few days later and told me he was kidding. Oh obispo. . .

I'm feeling a lot better, I still have a cough but its not nearly as bad, and it doesn't usually even start up until 8 pm. So yeah, no worries, I don't have pneumonia, Mom. :P

I got a package this week. . . No explanation in it. Just a bunch of wrapped presents and a card, but Hna Maughan and I made a deal that we wouldn't open any of our presents until Christmas. So I don't know what it is. And in your letter you said you hadn't sent my Christmas package yet, and that my birthday package isn't here yet. So what is the package???

I don't have anything super exciting planned for my birthday. Its on a Monday, so we'll have district meeting, so maybe I'll ask that for a birthday present that I don't have to roleplay. :) I HATE roleplays.  I sure hope to get some mail for my birthday. . . especially from some of my friends who I haven't heard from in a while (or at all. . . .) BIG HINT, GUYS, I mean really.

We did get to watch the Christmas devotional, we went over to a members house and ate arroz con leche and watched it. It was so good. I really liked the little video they showed, and I'm excited to watch them on

So yeah, I think thats about all I've got for you this week. Its good to hear that things are going well there. I'm glad everyone is getting excited for CHRISTMAS!! We have a tiny tiny tree set up on our coffee table with the presents we've gotten so far underneath it.

I loved all the letters I got from you this week! It was fun to read them, and Hermana de la Pena really appreciated the advice. We had a family home evening with them and made a family contract kind of a thing and wrote out the things they would do to try to have a happy, Christ centered family, it included things like family prayer and scripture study, family meals, noche de hogar, supporting each other, nice words etc, and they all signed it and hung it up on their wall. They said that they have really seen a difference. I hope everything works out for them, because I love that family.

I'm glad to hear the girls are doing well, I hope Hailey survives finals. Don't worry about that other drama stuff right now, just focus on school and it'll be okay. Everything will be back to normal after the break.

I hope Lulu has a good time at the DANCE!!!! Take pictures for me! She looks so pretty in her dress!

Okay, well I hope you all have an awesome week. Do something fun on the 12th, because I probably won't. :)

love love love you all,

les quiero,

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