Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miracle number one. Miracle number two.


Feliz Navidad this week! I hope that everyone has a good one! I'm glad Gramma and Grampa are coming up, that should be fun for you all. It should be a good Christmas for me, we are going over to a member in the English ward's house for Christmas Eve after our baptism, and then Sunday after church we are going to the Bishop's and we have another appointment that night with Sotero and his family to eat. So I think it should be a pretty good Christmas.

I've had a pretty good week. It did feel really really really long though. Not sure why. The drama with Sotero's family I think has died down a little bit, on Thursday we were on exchanges, and I got a greenie for the day, and we went over to Sotero's house with the Bishop to try to figure out what was going on, why Silvia and Nolberto don't want to be in our ward anymore and what was going to happen to Sotero if they don't come. It was pretty dramatic. The bishop just laid it down for them really boldy, and it was kind of intense. But he was really clear on why they needed to continue coming to the Aurora ward and why Sotero needed their support. But after he left, and I was still there Silvia basically told me that she didn't care and she was still going to go to the Bloomingdale ward. oh man, it was frustrating. But I don't know what  happened, they showed up for sacrament meeting with Sotero on Sunday, and then went up to Bloomingdale. After church Silvia called us and told us she was going to stay in Aurora after all. So yeah. Hopefully everything will remain drama free with them for a while.

Everything with Luis so far is going awesome. If everything goes according to plan he should be baptized on Christmas Eve!!!

We had a couple of cool miracles this week too. The first one started a few weeks ago. Hermana Maughan has started doing something new when she prays, and she prays with a pen and paper and really specific questions and then after she asks the questions she waits a few seconds and writes down whatever answer she thinks she's getting. So a few weeks ago she prayed and asked where we needed to go to find someone that was waiting for the gospel, and she got the impression we needed to go to these certain apartments. And then she asked if we needed to look for anyone in particular, and she could like see a mom. and then she got the impression that we needed to be there by three o clock in the afternoon. So that day, we working as normal, and it hit about 2:30 and we hadn't eaten lunch yet and were starving, and Hermana Maughan all of a sudden says to me, "I think we need to go to the Burr Oak apartments." She hadn't told me anything about her prayer or anything yet, so I was just kind of like, okay whatever I'm starving why do we need to go there. . .  But she explained it to me a little bit at a time, she was kind of embarrassed to tell me. But I was down with it, so we went to the apartments and just kind of started walking around in the parking lot. At about 10 minutes to 3 this REALLY pregnant lady walks out of one of the buildings, and we started talking to her. and it was really just kind of natural, and chill. Her name is Maria and turns out she hasn't been able to work for a while because of the pregnancy, and she doesn't have a husband or boyfriend or anything and she is living with her brother, and its just really hard. and she said she'd really like it if we came back. So that was a cool conversation, and we made a return appointment. We went  back for the appointment and it was awesome. Maria is just this super down to earth woman and we get along super well. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and then made a return appointment for the next week. When we went back, she wasn't there. We tried calling and nobody answered, and we kept trying back for a couple of weeks and couldn't find her. But then, on Friday when I was still on exchanges, we stopped by to see if we could find her again. and she was there!!! Turns out the reason she wasn't there for our appointment was that she was having her baby! We just spent like 20 minutes with her that day talking about how everything was and her new little girl and all of that, and then I made a return appointment for us to come back on Sunday so that Hermana Maughan could meet her baby and all that. So we came back on Sunday, and had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation, and invited Maria to be baptized, and she said yes! But she said she wanted to wait until summer so she could work and get enough money to pay us to be baptized. When we explained that she didn't have to pay, she was pretty stoked, and she is on date to be baptized the 21st of January. Miracle number one.

Miracle number two. Friday, when I was on exchanges, the bishop's wife called me and asked if we could come over, she had a favor to ask of us because they are in Utah this week and needed our help with something. So of course we did, I mean she's the bishop's wife. So we went over there and she told us that they were leaving the Bishop's 80 something year old mom to watch the house, and she was wondering if we could come over every morning and every night to check on her. I didn't know how I felt about Grandma sitting, considering it would be hard on our miles and schedule, but I didn't really know how to say, "you know, its just better if you have your neighbor come to do it." And I am SO glad I said yes. Sunday night we were over there and we told her about Maria, and how she was a referral from God. And the hermana asked us, "Well, do you want another referral?" and we were just like, "umm. yeah, of course." And she told us that her granddaughter, Rosa, had just gotten there that day to stay with her for the week, and that she had talked to missionaries before, but now she wants to be baptized, and could we do it on the 25th? HOLY COW! WHAT? We were kind of shocked, but we told her yes, we'd love to talk to Rosa in the morning when we came back. So the next morning we met Rosa, and unfortunately we had to explain to her that we've been asked not to baptize on Christmas, but she still wants to do it as soon as possible, so she is on date to be baptized the 31st of December. :) and we are meeting with her at least once a day all week! Its awesome awesome awesome. Like so so crazy. People are literally coming to us and asking to be baptized!

I think thats about all I can think of to tell you for now. I hope everything is going well for you! Love you all tons!

Les quiero muchisimo,

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