Monday, April 16, 2012

When we visited the Bishop's family it felt like going home.


I survived another week! Its been a pretty good one too. No, we didn't teach 40 lessons like Dad predicted, but we did teach 18, which is 10 more than our average lately. :)

So, yeah. Things are going pretty good. The weather has been slightly crazy the last couple of days. Lots of thunderstorms and wind. And I HATE Illinois thunderstorms, the other night it woke me up at 3 am because I swear it was in our freaking parking lot. I could feel the thunder. Hate it.

So to tell you about our week. First we'll start with Tuesday. Tuesday we went to the hospital to visit Ana Maria, but when we stopped to check in at the security desk, we were told she had been discharged! Which is good- means she has been moved to a rehab center in Indiana, but also sad for us. We are going to miss her. But then, we met Grace. Grace is like an 80 year old woman, who was trying to find the room for her son, who had been hit by a car. No one was really helping Grace at all, just pointing and then leaving- and she was hopelessly lost. So we took Grace up to see her son. We waited for her in the waiting room so we could help her find her way out. Once we made it to the parking garage is when the real fun started. Grace had NO idea where she had parked her car. And from the long walk around the hospital she was exhausted. So we helped her walk to our car, and then drove her around the parking garage until we found her car. We got her loaded safely in, and then I thought our good duty of the day was over. Wrong. As she was backing out she nearly hit our car, and then proceeded to try to leave through the employee exit, which she couldn't, holding up a few cars. A security guard helped her figure out that she needed to go to a different exit, so he told her to back up and follow him. As she was backing up, she nearly hit the car behind her. Oh man. And then she received a security guard and a missionary escort to the real exit. Where she spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out how to pay. And then we released Grace into the world. I wonder if we accidentally helped a patient escape. . . I do not think she should have been driving. . . I can't explain in an email how hilarious and terrifying this whole experience was. I wish you could have been there.

Then, Wednesday I got to go on exchanges to Aurora!!! YAYY!!!! It was a blast. When we visited the Bishop's family it felt like going home. Sorry guys, but it did. It was so nice to see them. And then Thursday I got to see Luis (our recent convert who got baptized on Christmas Eve.) We went to lunch with him, and everything is still going great with him. He's getting the Melchezidek Priesthood really soon, and he says he still wants to go on a mission as soon as he can. He says he can't wait for December to come so he can go through the temple. :)

While I was gone from Cicero Hermana Veliz and Hermana Rasmussen worked some magic, and found a ton of the people we've been looking for for ages. So I came back and we had a ton more appointments set up, and a new investigator! We met with Leo, the son of a less active, and our working with him again towards baptism, so hopefully he doesn't disappear again.

Things are still going well with Stephanie, the 11 year old who wants to be baptized. We set a date for the 28th of April. She is almost ready, just needs a quick review of some things, and to ask her dad's permission. She is pretty nervous about it, but her mom is confident that everything will be fine.

We had another lesson with Marco. No, he didn't come to church, but yes he did pray about the Book of Mormon. Sort of. He said he didn't kneel down or have a formal prayer or anything, he just said to God, "Okay God. Prove to me the Book of Mormon is true." Umm. . . well I thought we talked about humble prayers. . . but at least thats a start. He said he didn't feel anything, but he's willing to keep trying. He did admit that he is only sort of doing it cos he wants to know, but mostly because we want him to and to support his wife. But he wants us to keep coming over, so hopefully with time things will start to happen. He really is a great guy, with a lot of faith. Just a lot of doubts and skepticism as well. Probably what I'd be like in his same position.

We had an appointment with Beto and Yeni, but they didn't answer the phone and weren't there when we went by. :( They better not turn into disappearing investigators too, that would break my heart. And yes- Sonia did turn into a disappearing investigator. Stephanie, her friend that referred her to us told us that Sonia's boyfriend is a drugdealer, and she thinks thats why she might be hiding from us. .  Interesting.

But Stephanie is still AWESOME! She found us someone else to teach! She invited a friend of her's, Chris, to church and he came yesterday! We met him in the gospel principles class, which was unfortunately super confusing and all over the place and definitely not just gospel principles, but he had some good questions and demonstrated understanding. So we talked to him, got his info and set up an appointment. We were super stoked. Then, we go to the appointment and realize, he lives three blocks out of area. Three blocks out of the ward. Noooo. . .  But we went in, and taught him the restauracion anyway, to clear up questions about prophets and stuff. And it was great! He wants to read the Book of Mormon and he is willing to be baptized when he knows its true. He asked for a month to prepare. We told him no problem, and set a date for May 12. We were sure President would give us permission to teach him because he told us he doesn't want to go to the other ward, he wants to keep coming with Stephanie. But. . . we were wrong. I called President and he told us that we need to talk to him and Stephanie and convince them that he needs to go to the ward he lives in. Blah. I understand why, stewardship and all that. But still. Super disappointing. And I don't know how to convince him to go. I am going to try to get the Elders that cover where he lives to come with us to our next appointment and kind of do a hand off sort of a thing.

So yeah. Good week overall. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I hope everyone is surviving upcoming finals and all that.

Les quiero mucho,

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