Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now we just have one more reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!


Well, another week down. This last week I hit my 11 month mark. Can you believe I've almost been out a year? I can't. Its kind of blowing my mind.  And freaking me out hardcore.

As for the week. It was good. Weather was kind of yucky, you can tell we're starting to get into tornado season.

Umm. . . I'm trying to think of anything exciting that happened this week, and to to be honest I'm drawing a blank.  Umm. .

Well. We had a lot of lessons with members and less actives this week. Which was really good. I've been feeling like I don't know the ward really, so I've been wanting to meet more of them, get to know them better. Its just that everyone is so busy. But this week we had at least one member lesson a day, which was really really good. 

We helped Stephanie's (our 11 yr old investigator) mom get ready for a baby shower she was throwing for her sister. Oh man. I never thought baby showers were that intense, but I guess any excuse for a party with food and dancing, right? It.was.huge. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Firstly, as I am sure you all know, I am not an arts and crafts person. At all. So I was super nervous making all of these decorations. I was so scared I was going to ruin them. Everyone kept teasing me about how serious my face looked working on making these little decorations. Then while we were making them the hermana got a call that her sister had been arrested! Her sister had just been there like 5 minutes earlier! Apparently she got pulled over and when the cop found out she didn't have a license he cuffed her and asked her if she was ready to go back to Mexico. Ugh. So Hermana Alvarez (the mom) had to go pick up her son from the police station! So Hermana Veliz and I had to emergency babysit. Which is definitely not allowed, but what could we do? Luckily for Hermana Alvarez's sister, she just has to pay a fine, no deportation. Back to the baby shower story- Saturday morning we went over to help again, and lucky for me the decoration making was too intense and the baby was just messing it up so I got put on baby distracting duty. Which I am pro at. Not so much at the decorating making. . . We got to also be on the taste testing committee for all of the baby shower food. Which is the best job ever. When we went back to actually go to the baby shower. . . Wow. I was shocked. I have seen wedding receptions less fancy. I was telling Hermana Alvarez this and she just laughed and told me not to worry, that she and her family would come decorate my wedding so that it doesn't suck like most American parties. :)

As for news on Stephanie and her baptism. . . All systems go! Dad said yes! He just needs to sign a paper and we're good. We did have to move the date though, because she won't be here on the 28th, but thats okay- now we just have one more reason to celebrate cinco de mayo!

Investigator lessons were on the low side this week. Thank you disappearing investigators. But the trend shows we'll find them again this week. We didn't even get a chance to teach Marco. It seems like his phone is acting up, and we can't get ahold of him. :(

Oh- are you ready for this story? Its a good one. So we have a ward mission leader. Which I thought would be good, when we had one in Rockford he was a lot of help, and we didn't have one in Aurora. Well- I was wrong. Having this ward mission leader is the worst. HE IS CRAZY. So I generally get along with most people, even if I don't particularly like them, I can get along with them. But not this hermano. Something about him makes me go crazy and every time he says something I disagree with (which is often) I lose it and argue with him. Everyone else thinks its hilarious, but its a problem for me. So to let you know just how crazy he is, here is just a brief list of some of his ideas:

1. he made a ward mission plan. good, that should be a plan for what the ward will do to further mission work. not in our ward- its his plan for the missionaries. and his plan is that we have 50 baptisms this year. That would be SO awesome! But do you know how many this ward had last year? 10. 10 baptisms. And he wants us to have 50 this year? umm. . . when I tried to politely explain to him that goals, yes should stretch us, but also need to be realistic he told me I don't have faith.

2. He thinks the whole congregation should wear head to toe white for baptisms and confirmations. THE WHOLE CONGREGATION.

3. He wants me and Hermana Veliz to do a fireside next week on missionary work. Well thats cool, I'm down. Wait- he says how he wants it to apply to missionary work is by us telling everyone how they should and should not dress and then bring the senior sister missionaries in as examples?  Umm. . and this relates to mission work how? And then when the relief society president, young women's president, and bishop tell him that the missionaries should talk on something more. . . mission related, and let them handle modesty, he throws a huge fit. 

Just to top it off he regularly tells us we don't know what we're doing. He asked me to do a sample door approach, and I did, and he told me it was all wrong. And always asks us why we don't have 10 baptisms a week. So irritating.

So yeah. I basically can't control my temper around him. And everyone loves it because no one likes him. I think they only made him ward mission leader because they weren't worried about him making the missionaries go inactive.

Well. I think I've exhausted my supply of slightly interesting and not at all interesting updates. I hope you all have a fantastic week! I hope spring is treating you well!

Les quiero mucho,


Holy Cow! Look what I found!

wedding sized baby shower

I am still shocked at hispanic parties

baby shower cakes. who knew it could get so elaborate?

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