Monday, April 30, 2012

We are still planning on a baptism this Saturday!


Sorry to say but the biggest news I have this week is that I've just been sick all week. Cold flu thing that has knocked me on my butt. So other than our appointments with members where they all tried their own home remedies on me, nothing much happened this week.  Except I ate a lot of limes.

But despite being out of commission, things are going well. We are still planning on a baptism this Saturday! Stephanie wasn't at church this last week because she was with her dad for the weekend, but we talked to her mom and Hna Alvarez (mom) is SO excited! She is also really nervous, but I'm not sure why, we're the ones that should be nervous- we're in charge of everything!  But its awesome to see how excited everyone is. The Alvarez family is a pretty huge family in the ward. There is Mama and Papa, and then all of their children who have married and now have children. Its the Alvarez clan and they run things around here. So it will be a PARTY baptism, I have no doubt.

Speaking of parties- went to another baby shower on Friday. And once again, I was amazed. We stayed for the whole thing this time and got to participate in the games. And it was crazy! Super competitive, those women. I sat with the Alvarez women for bingo, and I won- but of course there was other women who yelled bingo at the same time, I just said it first. REALLY. But there was lots of women yelling and saying they won and then the whole alvarez table was yelling and saying I won, and then we had to have a rematch. Over baby shower bingo. Its okay- I won the rematch. Because all I do is win win win. IT WAS CRAZY. The Alvarez's said if you fly them out for my wedding or if I have in Chicago they'll make sure its fun. So don't worry, family-  you cover the plane tickets, they cover everything else. :P

Next week is transfers! We really have no idea whats going to happen of course, but our prediction is that I'm staying here and Hermana Veliz is leaving. We'll know Saturday night, so I'll let you know next Monday whats going to happen. These last 6 weeks sure have gone by reallllllly fast though. Its super crazy how fast time is going by. Super terrifying also.

Love you all so much. I hope everything is going well. Summer is almost here! Are you excited? I'm not. .  ugh humidity. :P

Les Quiero,


Hanging out with Stephanie

baby shower craziness

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