Monday, April 9, 2012

"Wait. You're saying you have a prophet today, that can talk to God? Thats increible!"


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I'm sad to admit that I almost forgot it was Easter until the Sacrament meeting talks yesterday. . .  Holidays don't really seem to mean anything on the mission, even super important religious ones like Easter.

It sounds like you all had a super exciting week with Spring Break and going to the Spanish ward. How different was that for you?

As for my week. . .

Well it was mostly spent in our apartment thanks to crazy and random health issues on mine and my companion's part. First of all, last Monday Hermana Veliz hurt her knee pretty bad. She has the same kind of bad knees that I do, where the kneecap dislocates, but on Monday she accidentally wacked it on a bar and forced the kneecap out. So we were in for the rest of the day and Tuesday too so she could recover.

Then comes my fun story. I have had SUPER dry lips for the last week, really really painful and chapped, but then Thursday morning I woke up with the most luscious lips you have ever seen. It looked like I'd gotten them injected with collagen. They were about three sizes too big. Unfortunately, they were also extremely painful. So that was a fun adventure. I have now probably tried every chapstick and cream sold at Walgreens. Yayyyy my body functions so well!

We did get a few lessons in this week. We said goodbye to the Ortiz couple, who moved here right when I came into the area, they decided its too hard here, so they are going back to Mexico. It was sad, because one of the reasons they want to go back is because they didn't feel any support from the ward.

We also had a good lesson with Marco. Tuesday when we were stuck inside I was studying for him, trying to figure out what we should read with him and got a pretty strong impression we should read Alma 7. I was kind of nervous about it, because while the first part is really good and talks about Christ and the atonement, the last part is super bold. But it went pretty well. Also brought out some more doubts Marco has, apparently he has a hard time that the Book of Mormon has such specific prophesies in it about Christ, like naming him and his mother 80 years before he was born. But there is also a part in that chapter that talks about being humble, submissive, and easily entreated, and we told him if he wanted to know he had to do that and ask God what the truth is. He had to be willing to lay his doubts aside and just ask, otherwise he would never have an answer. He promised me he'd do it, but then he didn't come to church like he promised.  . . So we'll see what the outcome was.

We had a really good lesson with Beto and Yeni as well. We talked about why it is that we ask them to read the Book of Mormon, and that reading it and praying is the only way they'll know if its true. And we talked about the importance of knowing if its true or not, what that would mean. Even though we talked about the restauracion and prophets before, Beto was kind of taken aback. He was like, "Wait. You're saying you have a prophet today, that can talk to God? Thats increible!" And we were just like. . ."Yeah. So thats why you need to pray about it. Cos its way too increible to just believe us because we say it." Yeni was really quiet the whole time, she is really worried about her dad who is sick. But I think it was a good lesson. Really addressed their questions and concerns. They said they'd come to church, but then something came up with Yeni's dad. . So hopefully next week. . .

So that was my week! This next week we are going to teach 40 lessons. Dad said we were in his email to me, and I'm going to take that as he had some kind of spiritual inspiration. So its going to happen. I hope.

I hope you all are doing well. I love you and miss you!

Les quiero,


Despedida a la familia Ortiz.

Companionship love

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