Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Week in MTC



First things first, have you heard of You can write me and I'll get them by the next day, then I will have more time to write you on the computer!! Also, my friends should definitely use it.

This week was pretty good. A bit overwhelming at times. Its hard to believe sometimes that I can actually learn this language and learn it well enough to teach people the gospel. But, I'm progressing okay, I think I'm just impatient with myself. I almost wish we had tests so I could gauge how I am doing.

Every Tuesday we have a devotional with a General Authority. Apparently its pretty rare for someone from the Quorum of the Twelve to come, but this week Elder Russel M. Ballard and his wife spoke! On my first Sunday. I was pretty stoked. Elder Nelson's talk was really good, but it was his wife's talk that I really needed to hear. She reminded us that the reason we are on missions is because we made a covenenant in the preexistence that we would serve. That, along with the letter I received with Dad's notes from my setting apart were a much needed boost. 

Every Sunday two people are randomly called on in Sacrament Meeting to give a five minute talk on a topic we were assigned earlier in the week. Last week we could do it in English, and I wasn't called on. This week we have to do it in Spanish. So, I'm pretty nervous about that.

Now for the news I almost didn't tell you, because I'm worried Mom will about me. But I'm sure if I didn't tell you she'll find out someway and kill me. Monday I got to go on a fun adventure off of the MTC campus to get x-rays!!! No worries, I just sprained my ankle really badly while playing four square. The doctor did give me quite the talking to about how I'm not supposed to play any sports while I'm on my mission because of my knee, which was a huge bummer. So I'm on crutches, and have some awesome bruising, but thats better than the grapefruit size swelling I had earlier. Also I can put quite a bit of weight on my ankle now. My companions have been great with helping me. Even when I tell them not to. They get my food and open doors and everything. 

I love you all so much, and hope you are doing well. I'll answer more questions in the letter I'll send with pictures. I hope Brooke's wedding is great, and give her a hug for me!! Enjoy California!! Tell Grampa I hope he gets feeling better!

I love you so much!!

Hermana Brown

The Sprained Ankle

Thumbs Up! All is good!

Chicago here we come!

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