Sunday, June 19, 2011

Half Way Point in MTC


Querida Familia,

Hola!! ¿Cómo están? How is everything at home? Things are going well here. We are are around our half way point here at the MTC, which is bizarre. I feel like it has gone by so fast, and I can only imagine that the next month is going to go by even faster, and I don't feel even close to ready. Nothing is really new here. We got another new district this past week, all elders heading to Paraguay or the Dominican Republic. One of the elders is from Chicago though, so its cool to talk to him about stuff. Also the there was apparently a norovirus outbreak in the area, so the MTC got super paranoid (for good reason, sickness gets passed around like crazy here) and we're not supposed to shake hands or hug or anything. I did get x-rays again on my ankle yesterday, but they didn't see anything again. The doctor does want me to start formal physical therapy though, just to make sure my ankle is better by the time I leave. So I get to go on fun adventures off campus.

I took a little bit of time to do the same sort of thing I did last week with the questions, as its easier for me to organize and still make sure I answer your questions.
Q: How are you adjusting to wearing a skirt most of the time?

A: I think I'm used to it. It really hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would. I do love when I get to wear pants though. Its pretty much the best thing ever.
Q: How is Spanish coming?

A: Más o menos. Something cool this week did happen concerning Spanish though. We practice contacting people every day, and one day we contacted an elder from Peru. I was nervous at first because he spoke hardly any English and we speak hardly any Spanish, but we were able to understand him well and he told us that our Spanish was really good. I did tell him he was probably lying, but he was adamant that our Spanish was excellent. I don't know if he was just trying to make us feel better or not, but just the fact that I could understand him was a huge confidence boost. Unfortunately, I still feel like I can never say what I really want to. Its frustrating. When teaching I still revert back to English for anything I feel strongly about, but starting Monday we are supposed to be teaching only in Spanish. I guess we'll see how that goes. . .

Q: Do you get your pictures developed at the MTC?

A: En la verdad, no sé. I order the prints at a machine in the bookstore, and it generally takes two days for them to get back to me, so I assume they are developed somewhere off campus.
Q: Do you hear any of the news going on around you?

A: Not at all. The MTC is a bubble. Most people like it that way and don't want to know whats happening in the world, but I still do. So keep me updated for the next month!!
Q: How are you devotionals and firesides? Do they have them everyweek?

A: Me encanta the devotionals and firesides! They are probably about the best parts of my week. We have a fireside every Tuesday night. At the devotionals the speaker is always a General Authority and its always fun to guess who it will be. Of course, everyone's bet is always on the Prophet, but no such luck yet.

Q: How are things going with your companions.

A: Muy bien. We get along really well and haven't had any real issues. We are all pretty different, but usually we balance each other out.
Q: Do you all leave the same day? (meaning companions)

A: I'm not 100% sure because we haven't received our travel plans yet. But we are scheduled to all leave on July 19. Hermana Creson and I will for sure leave at the same time as we are both going to Chicago.

Q: How do you receive Dear Elders?
A: The print them off, often with more then one on a page. They fold them up like a letter and then put them in the mailbox. The distric leader checks the mail two times a day and gives me any mail I receive!

I'm glad things seem to be going well for you all, albeit normal. I'm also glad Grampa is doing better! Give everyone my love!! Les extraño! Les quiero!!!

con cariño,
Hermana Brown

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