Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Letter Home


Querido Familia,

Well, I´m almost done with my first week, and it hasn´t been nearly as bad as I expected. We are so busy all the time, that I don´t really have time to be sad. 
I´m in a "Tripanionship", and mis compañeras are great. They are Hermana Creson, from Mesa, Arizona, and she is also going to Chicago, and Hermana Allred from Lindon, she is going to Fort Worth, Texas. We are in a room with another tripanionship, who are super, but the room is a little crowded. I definitely miss having my own room, or sharing with Eliza. I´m also not a huge fan of sleeping on the top bunk and waking up the sister who sleeps beneath me when I get up.

The district I´m in has ten missionaries in it, including myself and mis compañeras. There are three elders from Tahiti who speak French, not English, and they are learning Spanish to go to Montreal, which I think is really interesting. All of the other elders except one are going to Chicago, the other one is going to Fort Worth. They are all very nice, and I know I was worried about being around 19 year old boys all the time, but these ones are good, and seem pretty mature for their age.

My day pretty much consists of classes ALL day long. It is so tiring, and I struggling with the waking up at 6 am. I was told that in class they would pass what Spanish I´ve learned in a week, but they passed it in a day. The first full day of class, one of the first things they did was have a teacher pretend to be an investigator and had us try to really get to know her using only Spanish. It was pretty discouraging, but we all have learned a lot in the last couple of days. 

The food in the cafeteria is actually pretty good, and sometimes its hard not to get something of everything, but I think I'm doing okay so far. The gym time is nice, although I definitely miss having my music to listen to while I exercise. 

What else would you want to hear. . . hmm. Oh, my first day an elder from Logan gave the prayer or something, and I think Hailey might know him. Elder Isaac Kirkham? I believe they said he is going to Russia. Also, I saw my friend Elder Ryan Mayes the first day in the cafeteria, and I've seen him a couple times since, even just a few minutes before I started this email. Its nice to see someone from home, but sometimes it makes it a little more difficult. I saw him yesterday and just wanted to give him a hug, but of course I couldn't, and talking to him made me miss the kids from L-town. 

I Love love love you so much!! I hope things are going well! Keep me updated! Also, for future reference, while I'm in the MTC my P-Days are going to be Fridays, so thats when you'll hear from me for the next two months!! I'll try to get some pictures printed out and sent to you, as that will be the only option while I'm in the MTC. 


Hermana Shaelyn Brown

The District

The Tripanionship

A Spanish Book of Mormon
and Missionary Name Tag 

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  1. Thanks for the update. We love you Shaelyn! I mean Sister Brown!!