Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The "MTC"

Shaelyn entered the MTC today in Provo.  The day has finally arrived.  We enjoyed the ride from Logan being together as a family.  We had lunch and frozen yogurt before we left Shaelyn at the MTC.  We all shed tears as we said our goodbyes.  Shaelyn gave us all hugs and turned and walked away.

Shaelyn in car on way to Provo.

Shaelyn enjoyed the time with her sisters.
Hailey, Morgan, Eliza and Shaelyn.

We stopped at SubZero on the way to the MTC.
Shaelyn's face shows her anticipation of what's coming.

Shaelyn arrives at the MTC.

Shaelyn hugs her sisters goodbye.

Shaelyn turns toward the MTC.

We watch as Shaelyn leaves us to be a missionary.

Shaelyn will be a great missionary. She will have challenges but she will become stronger because of them. We will missed her daily phone calls, but look forward to her weekly letter. We will try to share some of her experiences with you.

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