Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am super excited for this family to get baptized, they are THE BEST.


Well. Its been another week. Not really sure what to write, once again.

Transfers this week. No changes here. Still chillin' in the Aurora Ward with Hermana Maughan. I'm pretty happy about that. Definitely hate the uncertainty of transfers, and hate the changes.

Other news is that this is my last pday on Wednesday. Next one will be this coming Monday.

Umm. I had a blast on New Year's. We were instructed to be in our houses by 8, and I was definitely fast asleep by 10:30. Pretty exciting night.

We can't find Rosa. We were meeting with her twice a day for a week, and then she dropped off the face of the earth. She won't answer her phone, and we can't just stop by her house all the time because its way too far away, and when we do drop by she isn't home. She's the bishop's niece, and he doesn't even know whats going on. So yeah. We have no idea. Last we talked to her she really wanted to get baptized, but from what I understand is that she doesn't have a lot of support in the house she's living in. Who knows what will happen, but I hope we find her soon.

Good news is that we had a pretty sweet week finding people. We found 8 new investigators. And our district set a goal that each companionship would try to invite at least one person a day to be baptized, so because of that we now have two new people on date. One is Irma. Irma's story is pretty sweet. The English elders knocked into her and her husband before I got here, and Hna Maughan and her previous companion taught them once, and then couldn't really get ahold of them again. Then, on Christmas Irma called us to see if we could come over and help her husband, Monico, study for the citizenship exam. So we set up an appointment to go over there in a couple of days. The day before we were supposed to go over there, we got a call from someone in the English ward, but who speaks Spanish, with a referral for us. She said that she works with a girl named Miriam who's parents we are teaching, and the missionaries stopped by and said a prayer for her little boy who was sick, and now she wanted us to come back and teach her. We were super confused, because A) we weren't teaching anyone with a daughter named Miriam who is in her 20's. B) We weren't the missionaries who prayed for her son. . .  But we started to look in our Area Book to see if she was on the list of potential investigators from when the other missionaries stopped by, and we found her but she didn't have a last name listed. AND THEN, Hermana Maughan thought about Irma and Monico- and wondered if she was there daughter. Yep. Yes she is. So within two days Irma calls us to come over, and we get Miriam as a referral.  Which was sweet. But- back to Irma, we started going over there everyday to help Monico study for his test, but he was just super stressed and couldn't study because he was making himself sick. So we just had a lesson with Irma, and taught her the Plan of Salvation, and invited her to be baptized on the 28th of January. And she REALLY wants to. She is the sweetest lady ever. And she keeps telling us how Monico needs to be baptized too, but he's too stubborn. She is the awesome. And we met with Miriam and she is legit too, def going to be baptized someday, just have to invite her!

Next person we set on date is Alejandra. She is the roommate of one of our recent converts. She is pregnant, and I believe a single mother, who is currently trying to find her one place to live. We went over to visit with the recent convert, and she decided to listen in, so we ended up changing the plans and teaching the Plan of Salvation. and oh man, the spirit was so strong it was tangible. We invited her to be baptized last week, and she said yes, but we didn't set a date. And then this past Monday we met with her again and talked about the Book of Mormon, and invited her to be baptized on the 11th of February. What is cool about that date, is that Hna Maughan and I didn't talk about setting a date for her before we went in. But once we were in there we were both feeling like we needed to, and Hermana Maughan was the one that asked if the 11th would be okay for her. When we got in the car Hermana turned to me and kind of apologized for setting her on date, like I would be mad or something. :P I just told her that I felt we needed to too, and that if she didn't I was going to and I really felt like it needed to be the weekend before Valentine's Day, which is what Hna Maughan did, even though she went in there planning on a different day, but felt like she needed to change it.

More baptisms that are in the works, are not anyone that I set on date to be baptized, nor will I be present, but I am super excited about them nonetheless. I found out today that the Hermana that is up in Rockford just set a whole family on date that Hermana Summers and I found knocking doors. They are from Panama and when Hermana Summers and I were teaching them, it was really slow going because it was just the 15 and 17 year old daughters who were interested and we could only go over every other week, but NOW the girls, their stepmom and their brother are all on date to be baptized!! I don't know what Hermana Noyes is doing up there in Rockford, but she is awesome. I am super excited for this family to get baptized, they are THE BEST.

So yeah. I think thats about it this time. Lucky for you all you get to hear from me in less than a week. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well, and I hope everyone gets back into the swing of things after vacation. Don't worry about me, I think somehow I'll manage to get over the Holidays. They were just so relaxing, afterall. :P

I love you all. Hope everything is going well.

Les Quiero,

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