Monday, June 18, 2012

I am getting a greenie tomorrow. Straight from the MTC.


Another transfer ending. Its kind of bizarre how fast time is going. Only four more left. I hope that I can die here in Melrose Park. I do not want to be transferred again. At all.

But, it looks like I'll be here for at least another transfer. I am getting a greenie tomorrow. Straight from the MTC. So that should be interesting. Hopefully she has tons of greenie fire and is stoked to go finding, cos as of this Saturday I will have baptized all of the investigators that I found when I first got put in here. . .

Speaking of baptisms. .  Imelda got baptized on Saturday! Over all it went really well. She is awesome. She invited her nonmember sister, niece, and daughter in law too. So that was really cool. The only thing that went wrong with this baptism is that the drain didn't get plugged all the way, so all through the service you could here it slowly sucking he water out. But there was still plenty for when she got baptized!

Danae y Evelin are still on track to be baptized this Saturday. They had their interviews yesterday after church. They were SO scared. They knew everything better than probably any other kids out there, but still were terrified. Evelin started crying right before. It was pretty sad. But of course they passed. And now all things are go for the planning. And because they have so many family members that are members, albeit inactive, this thing is going to be a party. Modesta said to expect like 70+ people. . . uhoh, the room with the font def doesn't hold that many. But it makes my part easy, because I don't have to worry about finding anyone to talk or pray! :) I love this family so much. They are the bomb. Danae wants to be the flower girl at my wedding and Evelin wants to hold my train as I walk down the aisle. :P So i guess we'll have to have a ring ceremony as to not disappoint. :)

Umm. I really don't know what else to write. This week has been pretty typical. We had a big zone conference on Wednesday, the last one with President and Sister Doll. It was fun, because half of the mission was there, but also pretty sad to here Pres and Sis Doll's departing testimonies. We all got a hug from each of them before we left.

Then the rest of the week was running from one appointment to the other, and baptism prep. Also lots of eating appointments. Poor Sister Raymond is super ready to not be in the Spanish program anymore I think. :) As for me. .  Yeah, not going to miss the English program that much either.

Sorry its so short this week, I'm sure I'll have more to tell you next time. Love you all. Hope all is well.

Les Quiero,


the beach! in pros. . . it wasn't in the plans

after a SUPER hot day in the city

Imelda Avalos, se bautizo el 16 de Junio

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