Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will you ask God what the truth is right now?


Looks like its that time to write another weekly email. Man, I never know what to write in these things.

Well, I've successfully survived two weeks in Cicero, I'm finally starting to figure out the area well enough to not always use the GPS. :) This past week has been good. We've been working hard, trying to build up our teaching pool, but playing pretty hard too. We had to celebrate Hermana Veliz's one year mark, and Elder O'Dell's two year mark. :)

We've had some really awesome lessons with new investigators. I am really excited about whats going to happen in this area over the next couple of months, I think it has a lot of potential. First of all, we found two awesome new families. One family from Puerto Rico (man, are they hard to understand) and their across the street neighbors. Both have been taught before, but not for a very long time, so I decided to go over and see if they have any interest. And yes. Yes they do. The Puerto Rican family consists of an Abuelita, her daughter, and a son in law of the daughter. They are Carmen, Nereida, and Pedro. Carmen is super old and sick, but wants to be baptized- just can't come to church because she's so sick. And Nereida and Pedro are both really open to the gospel. And then their neighbors, are the familia Guzman. They consist of Rita, Tony, and their ex gangbanger son Chris.   Rita WANTS to be baptized. She really really does. And she wants to come to church, but she hasn't felt any support from her family and she's afraid if she gets baptized they will reject her.  I straight up asked her husband why he doesn't come to church with her and he said its because its boring. Haha, but he's cool, he wants to learn, he's just intimidated because he feels like we know so much, like we've been studying all our lives. But I straight up told him- if you want to learn, you will. "Si quiere aprender, va a aprender." I was pretty bold with him, and Chris loved it. He thought it was funny. I don't know much about Chris, but from the looks of him he lived the thug life. But now he's trying to change, and he's going to a Christian church. We gave them a quick run down of the Book of Mormon and they all said they'd read, and pray. I'm really excited to teach this family, they are awesomeeee.

Also, we got a super legit referral from church headquarters the other day. We got a referral for a man named Agustin, and the text message just told us that he had been to church before and had a Book of Mormon. So we stopped by his house, but he told us he was just heading out the door, so I gave him our number and the address to the chapel, and set up a return appointment with him. Within 15 minutes he called us asking for more detailed directions to the capilla, and came to church the next day! We had some other investigators there and the elders took care of him for us during church, because they got to know him during priesthood, which is first in our ward. But I finally snagged him after the meetings and set up an appointment earlier during the week than the one we had before, and he seemed really excited. Elder Findlay who had been sitting with him told me he is awesome, so I'm really excited to see what happens with him.

This week to come should be good. We have zone meeting tomorrow, and I think on Friday we have exchanges, and I get to go to Aurora with Hermana Maughan!! Yayyyy! :)

I'm glad to hear everyone there is doing well. Keep it up.

Les quiero muchisimo,

PS!     I forgot the most important part of this week! We are teaching a man named Erasmo, and he is a super super deep thinker. His religious views are kind of all over the board, from Christian to Eastern Religions. But he is searching for what is right. His wife and all of his kids are actually Jehovah's Witnesses, but he says he knows that that religion isn't true. So we are teaching him. And it has been a little frustrating, I'll tell you the truth, because he asks SO many big questions and has some really interesting ideas. But in our last lesson he had read from the Book of Mormon, and we basically really just taught to his needs and ended up covering a lot of different principles, from the fact that God is our loving Heavenly Father, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the Priesthood. He said that he really likes what we teach, but it doesn't exactly line up with his thoughts. We kept telling him that the only way he is ever going to know the truth is by asking God. And finally I just said, Hermano, can we pray right now? Will you ask God what the truth is right now? And we knelt down and he said the most sincere, heartfelt prayer to know the truth that I have ever heard. He just asked to be given wisdom and to be guided, and the spirit was soooo strong. When he was done praying he had tears in his eyes, and I asked him, "Hermano, how do you feel?" And he told me he felt a heat in his chest, and a peace. I testified those feelings are God's way of telling him that our message is true. He accepted a date to be baptized on the 31 of March! We still have a long way to go with him, but if he's willing to keep praying that way and keep reading, he will definitely be baptized on that day.

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