Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spanish is Coming Along

Everything is good here. Nothing too exciting. Last Friday's devotional was great. Elder Bednar spoke to us about being "Preach My Gospel" missionaries. He always gives such good talks.

Other news. . . Our roommates left for Indiana on Tuesday, and we got new ones on Wednesday. Another trio, all going to Chile. They seem nice enough. We also got a new district this week. All elders. One of the elders is from Logan. He says he knows Hailey. His name is Brad Summers. The only district that has been here longer than us is leaving Monday, so we'll be the "old" district, which is bizarre. We're going to miss all of the elders in the district thats leaving, they are great.

One of the elders in our district tore his ACL a couple of weeks ago, and he has to get surgery this next week. He is from Tahiti, so right now they've decided not to send him home for recovery, they are just going to keep him here at the MTC for an extra 6 weeks. I feel really bad for him, I think I'd go crazy if I had to stay here that long. I'm in danger of going crazy staying here for only 9 weeks.

Thank you for the package! It made my life. We had a mini fiesta in el cuarto de las otras hermanas last night with the snacks you sent.
No, I’m not forgetting English and throwing in random Spanish words, don’t worry. Las otras hermanas is what we call other hermanas in our zone. We are just hermanas. Not only have I love my first name, but pretty much my last name and identity as an individual as well. :P
So yeah, Everything is going well here. Spanish is coming along. I can usually understand what people are saying as long as they slow down for me, and sometimes it takes little bit to understand different accents. I know that as soon as I get out to Chicago I am just not going to be able to understand anything, but I don’t know how much more Spanish I’m going to learn here. I think I really just need to be thrown into it now.  Also, my grammar is just awful. So I’m pretty excited to get made fun of a lot.
Sorry life at the MTC so boring and I don’t have anything more to tell you (ar the time to do so.)
Les quiero,
Hermana Brown
PS sorry if this email is a jumbled mess. I didn’t have time to organize my thoughts.

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