Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Man, this has been such a good week.


Man, this has been such a good week. I don't even know exactly why, but I love it. Just the difference of how I felt in my last area and how I feel here is amazing. I think I was in a definite rut, and the change of a new area and a new companion really helped me. Hermana Carlson is awesome. She has a ton of faith, is a hard worker, but also way way fun. We are always laughing. I am so grateful that her visa didn't come through so she could come here for now! I just don't want her to leave! In my interview with President yesterday (last one before we get the new pres) I told him if I could, and she didn't get her visa, I wanted to keep her another transfer. But then Pres told me that wherever she is next transfer will be a trio. .  and I DO NOT want a trio. . . So we'll see what happens.

Anyway, I don't have much time today to write because we are going to a CUBS GAME!!! YEAH! I am so stoked. Basically the whole mission is going, its going to be fetchin legit.  But I'll give you some quick highlights from the week. . .

LIZ: Still amazing, still awesome. We taught her the last things we needed to last week, and she completely accepted everything. She has an awesome testimony. I told her about the bap interview, and she got really nervous, but we went over the questions for it and I can't even tell you how prepared she is. Really, it was a you had to have been there moment, but I can just tell you that she is the most prepared person I have taught my whole mission. She knows, understands, believes. I can't explain it. But in church on Sunday the teacher asked her to give the closing prayer, and she did, and in it she gave thanks that she has the opportunity to be baptized and she just broke down in tears. After she finished praying she sat down next to me, I gave her a hug and asked her, "Hermana, estas feliz, o triste?" Are you happy, or sad? And she told me, "Estoy contenta. Bien contenta." I'm content, i'm really content. The spirit was so strong. Oh my gosh I love her.

MODESTA y FAM: CAME TO CHURCH!!! This is the first time this family has come to church in YEARS! I was honestly really suprised to see them there. But to back up, we had an appointment with them on Saturday, and we watched the restoration movie with them, and the 9 year old, Dana, was like super intently watching it, it was so funny. And they had all sorts of good questions after, and we were able to explaine about prophets and the restored gospel. And then Sunday, Hna Carlson and I pull up to the chapel, and she asks me, "do you see Modesta's car?" And I didn't, but I told her, don't worry its only 9 am, she probably won't even show up until 9:30.  Then we walk into Relief Society, and who is there? Right on time? MODESTA! YAYYY!!! Then we sat with her and the girls in Sacrament Meeting, and I got to help the girls figure out the hymns, and help them understand the sacrament, and then during the talks they drew us a ton of pictures on sticky notes that were super adorable. They drew picturs of us, and did hangman with the phrase, "Mrs. brown and Mrs. Carlson are pretty." haha I love those girls. Then yesterday we had another appointment with them. We started teaching them the 10 commandments, and then we got to a point that Modesta started telling me about the situation with her ex husband, so I left Hna Carlson to teach the girls, and kind of went to the side and talked to Modesta. Turns out that they are in a huge custody battle right now. Apparently he is a return missionary, and they married in the temple, but then some stuff went down and she left him. He hasn't had any contact with his daughters for five years. He hasn't called on their birthdays, nothing. Not even any effort. And now, all of a sudden he has a girlfriend who can't have kids, and he wants the girls. He hired all of these lawyers and investigators, and is trying to prove that Modesta can't take care of the girls cos she doesn't have enough money. Well I will tell you, those girls are some of the most loved children in the world. They don't have much, no, but they have food, clothes, a place to sleep, and a mom that loves them.  Please pray for this family, that they won't be torn apart. I promised Modesta that if she continued to do what was right, to return to church, keep the commandments and teach her girls the gospel, that they would remain together- but she needs your prayers. And mayber her name in the temple?  Modesta Rivera.

IMELDA: wasn't able to have a cita with us, but came to church. Still doing good!

Found a new family, Luz and Hugo- Luz is a less active and Hugo not a member. Gonna start teaching them!

Okay, seriously running out of time. Love you all! Hope everything is going awesome for you! Pictures next week, I promise. Lots.

Les quiero,

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