Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Mix Up



Things are going pretty well here. Nothing too exciting has happened like that first week. Our investigator with a baptismal date got a new job and now we haven't heard from him or been able to find him in a week, which is really nerve wracking. We have three other investigators that want to get baptized as soon as they can get married or get their significant other to move out, but I don't know if any of that will happen any time soon. We also have an investigator who is doing super great, her name is Maru, and I just love her. She is really loving the Book of Mormon and everything that we teach her, unfortunately she doesn't drive, and she lives up in Beloit, Wisconsin and the only Spanish branch is down here in Rockford, about 20 minutes away. Also, her husband has a "hard heart" and is not interested at all and she doesn't want to do anything like go to church with young kids that far away, or even get baptized without his support. But I really feel like she would be baptized in a heart beat if he was just a little more open.
Oh, I do have one story from this week. It was pretty awful. We have another investigator up in Beloit, Silvia, who is super awesome and wants to get baptized as soon as her novio goes back to Mexico (which could be next year :( ), and she wanted to go to church last week. We even arranged with a couple in Beloit that are also investigating to give her a ride down, because her car is broken. They all talked and we thought everything was set up, but right before church started we got a text message from Silvia asking us if the couple, Rosario y Agustin, were still coming. We called Rosario and asked if they were, and she said yes, so we weren't worried about it. Until Rosario y Agustin showed up to church WITHOUT Silvia. We asked Agustin what happened and he said that when they talked, Silvia told them she would call them if her novio gave her permission to go to church. But when we talked to Silvia she said she told them she'd call if her boyfriend ended up not working on Sunday and she wouldn't need a ride. So- Silvia who REALLY wanted to come, because of miscommunication, ended up getting left in Wisconsin. It was so sad. It was a just a stressful day because of that, and we felt bad for Silvia, and Rosario felt terrible, so we felt bad she felt bad. . . you get the picture.

Besides that mix up, things are good. I'm really liking the area, and I love Hermana Summers. I am so lucky to have such an awesome trainer. Our area is huge, it goes up to Beloit, and down to a town called DeKalb. We do a lot of driving, and we have a limit on how many miles we are supposed to use, that we went way last month. Its hard though when we have investigators on both of the extremes of our area.

You asked if I've had any interesting food yet. Nope. Only three Mexican food meals, one was carne asada tacos, one was huevos, frijoles, and old tortilla pieces that they fried up and drenched in a sauce, and the other meal was a mexican soup with hominy in it. All in all, pretty tame. No worries mom, I'm eating much more American food. We don't eat dinner with members often, we have a couple of standing appointments, but they seem to get cancelled a lot. Our most regular eating appointment is with Rosario y Agustin, up in Beloit, and I have hope for weird food with them. Hermana Summers said that Rosario once put a pig foot in their soup. :P

" Do you walk or have a car? " Like I said, our area is huge, so we have to have a car. And none of our investigators live near enough to each other to just park and walk. But we do get a good amount of walking when we're knocking doors.

"How is the heat and humidity? " Usually its not too bad. The last couple of days have been pretty hot. I have never sweat so much in my life, to be honest. Yesterday we could only be out knocking for 40 minutes before we started feeling sick from the heat. We are drinking lots of water though, and if we get let into a house they almost always offer us a bottle of water.

"How is your ankle doing? " Pretty good. I'm trying to get used to not wearing the brace as much, as it gives me blisters and sores, but I always wear it if when we are out proselyting.

Well. I think thats about all I got for this week. I love you. I hope everything is going well. I'm excited for the package with something from Magical Moon in it! :)

Les Quiero,
Hermana Brown

PS. I do have a couple of pictures from my first day in Chicago, and our last day in the MTC that I still need to get developed, but whenever I do, I'll make sure to send them to you.

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